Monday, May 30, 2011

Concerned about the extreme thinness of Claudia Schiffer

Do not know if it was all a top model in the 90's, Claudia Schiffer, is going through an eating disorder, judging from the picture presented in the Festival de Cannes or simply lost to a considerable kilos. The German supermodel, wore an elegant and suggestive lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana black, a figure very impaired, far from the curves that had always characterized his best years as a model.

Obviously the press that was posing on the red carpet on the Croisette, just saw something through the transparencies Schiffer, its extreme thinness almost anorexic and skeletal. Since then begin to ask whether the model is a new victim of miracle diets or anorexia. Schiffer at 40 years and a height 1.82 weight below 48 kilos.

It is true that when she had her first daughter Cosima, last year was subjected to all sorts of diets to get back into shape, but experts say the image shows, is that of a woman who has undergone intense diet abruptly. The sagging skin on her arms and her face haggard, are the main symptoms or cosmetic treatments which are subjected to has been able to conceal.

Certainly one of the newspapers echoed the point, was The Daily Mail ', which was so severe that did not hesitate to qualify it as' suck', 'gaunt' and ensure that he saw clearly marked, their clavicles and sharp blades. Surprisingly Schiffer is going through an eating disorder when it has always been an ardent fighter of the curves and has criticized the super thin models in fashion world.

So the big question is what happens to Claudia Schiffer?

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