Monday, May 30, 2011

Shakira in concert with Gerard Pique

Colombian singer Shakira, a fervent supporter of Barca since she attended one of the team members, footballer Gerad Pique, has made his concert last night at the Olimpic de Montjuic stadium a celebration in honor of FC Barcelona won the Champions League 2011, against the team from Manchester (3-1), the night before! Indeed, Shakira, who had announced to his fans, a few days ago, via the social network Twitter, a surprise, has largely kept his word, and there are several players of the winning team that took the stage with her during her concert , whose beautiful brown Gerard Pique with whom she lived a passionate relationship for several weeks! The stadium could accommodate 50,000 people was half full and the show began with more than two hours late without explanation and mondre same excuse, which has provoked hisses and cries of discontent, but Shakira has the Following reverse ...

Having played tentatively title "Años Luz", a song from her latest album, "Dirty el Sol, Shakira spoke in Catalan perfect and claimed his joy to be in Barcelona this special day "with so much to celebrate." Later images of Barca's victory was projected on the giant screen positioned on the stage, showing the players enjoying the victory at the Nou Camp, that's when footballers Pique, Xavi, David Villa, Pedro Busquets and Bojan came on stage to join the artist in full show.

At the request of the performer of "Loca" is all set to move s'ont trying to imitate the famous star's lame with varying degrees of success shall we say ... The evening was sprinkled with references to the Catalan victory and no hidden winks at her beautiful brown, this is an artist that mixes professional and private life as a person, attention to the return of the stick! An evening which certainly had to delight fans of Shakira are also football fans, but for others the concert had to take on the appearance of "carnival", what do you think? The star has chained titles like "Inevitable", "Suerte" or his hit "Ojos así" which pays homage to its origins and Lebanese that has among engaging in a superb belly dancing ...

The beautiful has obviously interpreted one of his latest hits "Loca" whose music video was filmed in Barcelona, a film that earned him a fine for being bathed in one of the fountains of the city and ride a motorcycle without a helmet, yet When the singer could not help but talk about his love by singing "I'm crazy about my Pique, mad, mad, mad" ("Soy loca con mi Pique, lease, rental, lease") by fidgeting as ever.

Their symbiotic relationship is really hot and as we have already seen! Skak finished the show interprétrant before a frenzied crowd and an audience with confetti his hit "Waka Waka", the anthem of the last World Cup football ... of course! Last night it was the first concert of Shakira in Spain, the star must also occur in Valencia, Almeria, Bilbao and Madrid ...

It's unclear whether the mad love Gerard Pique will follow his fine on other dates, should not that like Jennifer Lopez (she played the "simple" salsa dancing while her husband Marc Anthony singing) he decides to play the dancers for his girlfriend because he did not Jlo talent of a choreographic point of view!

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