Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guti and Indhira, knowing in Kapital

After arriving in Spain on May 19 rental after finishing the football season in Turkey, Guti is having as good as is usual in him. Already he has been seen in several soirees, like a concert of one of his favorite bands Sidecars, "but also we saw on Saturday in celebration of the First Communion of his young son Aitor where he met his ex Arantxa de Benito, but not both stayed away.

Yesterday, it was said to save me that the player has met Indhira Extrona Big Brother and the Women and Men and vice versa and has been a very good impression of it. The athlete had on their Twitter on Sunday May 29: "I am Indhira in Kapital, good people and very good." In addition Kiko Hernandez explained that the player finished the night with a girl of Women and Men and vice versa, will be neither the first nor the last.

The aide explained that there is a video and some pictures, but Kiko Matamoros was sharp and explained that it was not Indhira that among them there were only words that were not busy. It was at La Posada de las Animas where Guti was with the girl in question which then went on a mini, we'll soon know who he is.

Meanwhile, Indhira left the program only a few days ago, after the disappointment that led to her favorite suitor Victor.

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