Friday, May 27, 2011

Johnny Depp: no marriag!

Once again, Johnny Depp said he did not intend to ask Vanessa Paradis to marry . The American star, who has two children, Lily Rose and Jack, with the French singer and actress is very pleased with his current relationship. He loves most of all Vanessa Paradis and his children, is the only thing that matters to him! He explains: "We have never been married and it will stay like that for now.

As one of the presidents once said 'If it is not broke, do not fix it'. We simply have not made a public ceremony. It does not seem necessary to us. Others may want to follow this path, not us. Despite his brilliant career as an actor, Johnny Depp thinks that his family and his relationship with Vanessa Paradis is the greatest achievement of his life.

"Yes you can call my encounter with Vanessa a" performance "was no doubt that. It happened at the right time. We were both ready to start a family and she gave me Lily Rose, who is now 11, and Jack, who is 9 years. I admired Vanessa across a room and the first thing I saw was her back! I immediately said 'It's a woman to me'.

It was there almost 12 years, "reveals the actor in the franchise" Pirates of the Caribbean ".

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