Saturday, May 28, 2011

Raquel Bollo defends itself against allegations of a relationship with Julián Muñoz

Raquel Bollo has had to step out of the accusations made by Maite Zaldívar in recognizing that the first of those had a relationship with Julián Muñoz. Deluxe Save me was the venue chosen by the Bun to defend tooth and nail all the talk during the week. "I've never had anything to Julian, nor has there been Rone, or flirting.

My relationship with Julian was successful. I could never say that he suggested and I did not want anything with him. He never hinted. The beginnings were best and the worst end "began. On what was said by Maite Zaldivar said, "Maite said 'your side' that had no contact with Julián Muñoz and then said that that the operation of my breasts had paid Julian told him.

So either he lied before and there was a plot, were unrelated and were buddies, I've always said, or lying now. " "At one point Maite not agreeing to what I said and asked Julian to take my middle. Julian I do not manipulated, he gave me some information. I have not attacked for attacking Maite, she attacked Elizabeth and I used the information he had of her, which gave me Julian.

He has been a nice person as he was interested, but suddenly became the rudest person in the world. "

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