Friday, May 27, 2011

Ruquier Lawrence, why he separated from Zemmour Naulleau

Panic since the announcement of the absence - in the next season and the two snipers. Why? How? That their complaint does one? decided to set the record straight in le Parisien. Asked by the newspaper's website, he explained this morning: "This decision is mine, unilaterally. I have taken in agreement with Catherine Barma.

I want to breathe again. Every year I ask myself the question of renewing my show. Eric Zemmour is in its fifth season, Eric Naulleau his fourth, he replaced Michael Polac. I enjoy breaking the habit. Either I change the host, or I changed the chroniclers ... I'm the moderator, I'll stay! And to argue: "The guests who come back know how it goes.

They are preparing. Or rather, some no longer want to come. The public does have more fun. Columnists should not always be the same if it does not weary. According to Lawrence Ruquier, the announcement has not been badly received by the two writers to whom he offered to come to be heard from time to time on his radio show.

Remains as to who will replace the duo in September. Lawrence said at the moment thinking but have yet proposed anything to anyone ...

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