Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ortega Cano suffered a traffic accident

José Ortega Cano has suffered this last night, at 23.15, a strong car accident on a country road in the province of Sevilla. The teacher was going to his farm when he collided head-Yerbabuena into another vehicle, the other driver has died on the spot. The Sierra Highway north of the province of Seville has seen what happened.

The severe impact caused the front right out quickly translated form Macarena Hospital of Seville, where it has been reported that the state's right "serious" because of multiple wounds. At the time of writing this post a little more we can add to this sad news. Torero's family traveled to Seville urgently and has only been known that Ortega had just left her daughter in a friend's house when the accident occurred which causes are not known.

Recent weeks have been rough for Ortega as he has had to face all kinds of statements that called into question her sexuality, her alleged alcohol addiction and various unpleasant rumors. This new blow gore seems a new life but hopefully the right know how torearlo. From Gossip Rumors we can only offer condolences to the bereaved family and hope that the bullfighter is restored to his injuries.

As we have more information we will be giving information about this tragic event will become the focus of the tabloids this week he starts.

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