Saturday, May 28, 2011

Humiliated by X Factor, Cheryl Cole leaves with £ 1.2 million

Cheryl Cole and U.S. lex Factor, it's over! While the English singer would have conquered the United States entering the home of the U.S. thanks to the famous TV-hook, it will not happen. Much to the chagrin of Simon Cowell. The latter fought for the fair to join his American jury, but his victory was short lived.

Three days ago, Cheryl Cole learned that Fox was not satisfied and that the production wanted to leave her. The reasons are the lack of chemistry with Paula Abdul and her accent was too strong for Newcastle and disrupt the public. This rather humiliating for the former member of Girls Aloud will nevertheless be compensated financially.

In fact, according to Now Magazine, Cheryl Cole should be paid the full salary for the broadcast, that is to say £ 1.2 million, or £ 300 000 per day over 4 days worked. For his part, Simon Cowell will make sure that the young English jury found her place in the UK X Factor. Phew, this honor is safe!

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