Friday, May 27, 2011

"Beautiful naked also takes care of men!

Revolution in the Belle naked! William Carnimolla will tackle, too, the male ... Since the beginning of the show, three years ago, the facilitator helps women to revamp and, above all, to accept themselves as they are. Successful and beautiful hearings each time. So much so that the show is about to attack his fourth season.

This will be Monday, June 13 at 22:50, after the first episode of Love is in the meadow. For the occasion, M6 has been visibly desire to innovate, since William will soon, not a woman, but a couple to be beautiful naked Vincent and Elodie. The idea? Complexes Elodie eventually rub off on Vincent, who recently gained weight.

Complexes of the two lovers have resulted in the couple of worries in recent months. And William decided to kill two also helping Vincent. It is unclear what the challenge beauty consultant has prepared for the boy but he has confidence and we will, undoubtedly, to our TV for the first season.

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