Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lindsay Lohan discovers the art of relaxation!

Sentenced to 120 days in jail for theft of jewelry, Lindsay Lohan is not ultimately returned to prison. Since the judge preferred the house arrest. This week, LiLo has begun serving his sentence at his home in Venice Beach. The actress has to stay for 35 days, an electronic bracelet around his ankle is placed there to control his blood alcohol level.

She was placed under the supervision of the sheriff's department in Los Angeles and will again leave her home as soon June 29 We are reassured, Lindsay will celebrate its 25th anniversary, July 2, free! The other good news is that LiLo seems to enjoy these early days of confinement. According to TMZ, the young woman took advantage of this free time that is imposed to "relax, focus on his recovery (his rehab) and its future life plans and career goals.

And should also begin to paint! At the end of his arrest, Lindsay Lohan will make its 480 hours of community service, 100 hours at the morgue in Los Angeles.

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