Friday, May 27, 2011

Ana Obregon want to take your life in a Miami television

Ana Obregon leads the last few days in Spain, but had in Hello! few weeks ago that is very well in Miami and can be also viewed as a new love last Tuesday in the cover of Save me. Both hustle and the possibilities of the American city has encouraged the biologist to design a docu-reality which would include his adventures in Florida.

The actress is reportedly negotiating to star in this space right now where would relate first-hand how life in Miami elapses. Ana Obregon is studying the proposal of Zeta Audiovisual to carry out this program. Both sides are developing the idea and its contents and if all goes well may be recorded in the coming months, but not be issued in the best until next season.

In addition, it is uncertain what it would schedule string. The program will show your day to day, his tastes, his friendships and encounters with Miami's hottest celebrities over 8 or 10 deliveries. If all goes well, Ana Obregon aspire to emulate Alaska and Mario great in its docu-reality series on MTV, a program with a super-addictive and original and great players.

Recall that in his early artistic Ana Obregon was in the U.S. and won roles in films like "Run Wild" with John Travolta, "Bolero" by director John Derek, also appears in "The Team", "Who is the Boss? "or" The Johnny Carson Show. "

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