Friday, May 27, 2011

Miley Cyrus arrived in Mexico and is already talking about her and her ex, Nick Jonas!

Miley Cyrus continues to carry a lot of love in Latin America as part of his tour 'Corazón Gitano' aa it reveals several African countries and many cultures, the singer went through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, but also Costa Rica, among other destinations. Yesterday, the former star of "Hannah Montana" was in Mexico and the beautiful young woman arrived all smiles at a press conference on the sidelines of his first concert which took place yesterday evening.

The singer of "Party in the USA" appeared at the hotel 'Four Seasons' which hosted the interview dressed in a slim dark jeans and a white blouse transparent bra unveiled a black, all complemented by beautiful ethnic jewelry like Miley Cyrus loves so much. A young woman visibly radiant and in good shape despite its frantic pace of life! Also, Miley Cyrus would have sparked excitement among its young audience by tearing during his show a picture of Nick Jonas that would have been delivered by a fan while singing the title '7 Things'! The star would then entered the picture stretched by the fan before tearing it into 1000 pieces, according to comments carried by assistants of the star! So info ou intox? We know that the singer of the Jonas Brothers has approached some time since the Australian star, Delta Goodrem gold it would be a declared fan of Miley Cyrus, the former girlfriend of Nick "Delta greatly appreciates Miley, c ' is a big fan of his music, "said a source close to Nick and Delta before adding" probably does not know that Miley is Delta.

She is too busy with preparations for his tour in June in Australia. " In any case, if Miley Cyrus has made this move during his concert, it's a good way to prove that Nick is now history and it can lead his boat as he wants (unless it is a sign jealousy?), especially as Miley returned to the actor Liam Hemsworth, and she seems perfectly happy ...

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