Monday, May 30, 2011

Details about the accident Ortega Cano

In the program Ana Rosa, Nacho Abad was the latest data on traffic accident suffered by the bullfighter José Ortega Cano, on Saturday night and resulted in the death of Carlos, a man traveling in a passenger car , 48, married with two children and a third person was involved in the accident, fortunately escaped unhurt and the widower of Rocío Jurado is very serious.

According to the journalist counted, Ortega Cano vehicle collided head on with the deceased, when cornering which invaded the opposite lane, however, it seems that he was asleep because there was a brake on the road, making the researchers have ruled out fell asleep at the wheel. As her condition was critical when they reached the health services not drew blood to make an analysis will determine if your BAC exceeded allowable limits or not.

Ana Rosa Quintana stated that neither the Civil Guard, or the toilets appreciated an excess of alcohol. We'll have to see if this information is confirmed and will take measures family of the deceased. Meanwhile, Ortega Cano is very serious, but the passing hour makes their life expectancy increases.

The bleeding has got to stop and their families stated that he was not going to operate again, while operations are pending for its serious fractures, especially femur until no danger nothing will be done. UPDATE: According Vertel, the family of Carlos, the man who died in a traffic accident call for transparency.

Welcome, brother of the deceased, is not expected to withhold information and willing to collect signatures for justice. He claims to know, for nearby sources, which Ortega Cano drunk driving and speeding. Also claimed that Ortega Cano had been drinking in bars in town.

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