Friday, May 27, 2011

Ryan Reynolds can not forget Scarlett Johansson

A break is always difficult. It takes time to recover, and, whatever happens, the two ex never leave unharmed. Ryan Reynolds is trying to find out the hard way. Divorced for 5 months of Scarlett Johansson - with whom he was married two years - the actor is still struggling to cope. That is what he has entrusted to Details magazine.

"Anyone who knows a divorce very big trouble, AIS can cope. I never got out quite yet. Not at all. But I want to believe. How could I do otherwise? "Did he effused. Before adding, pessimistic: "I do not marry more. Finally, we can always re-evaluate some things "See his ex in the arms of Sean Pennne not help.

Especially since, for his part, Ryan was clearly more difficult to rebuild his life. But the two former remain on good terms. And then, as soon as they wanted, Ryan Reynolds should not have trouble finding the Shoe Fits!

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