Tuesday, May 31, 2011

William and Kate cover upon Vanity Fair 14 years after Lady Diana

Fourteen years ago precisely that Diana is left to capture, radiant with happiness by photographer Mario Testino for the cover of Vanity Fair. While Prince William and Princess Catherine will be in the United States in July, the magazine decided to put forward the royal couple. The photo, unpublished, shows William and Kate, just engaged, as illuminated by the joy of this formalization.

Vanity Fair also offers in its internal pages of pictures of the couple made by the legendary photographer who has just been appointed official photographer for the wedding of Kate ... Moss. Mario Testino attended last week at a gala in his honor in New York and spoke of the choice of Prince William to upload pictures of their engagement official: "I think it was a way to integrate the mother of William their history, "said former friend of Lady Diana.

Referring to the shooting at the time of betrothal, Mario Testino said Kate Middleton "was fabulous" and that both elated "pure joy." "They are a happy young couple," he concluded. The proof in pictures!

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