Saturday, May 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen is selling his house in Beverly Hills

Charlie Sheen would he need cash? His feedings and professional and personal disappointments may well have cost him much money. Indeed, the actor, who lost his job in the sitcom My uncle Charlie, has just sold his house in Beverly Hills. The property was marketed for $ 7.2 million dollars, or about 5 million.

Charlie Sheen, who loved his called "Sober Valley Ranch" (instead of Silver Valley Ranch) in reference to his abstinence from alcohol, then separates from the house of his dreams, comprising five bedrooms, seven bathrooms , a pool, a private screening room and a professional kitchen for Top Chef.

During his divorce, the actor 45 years had contributed $ 1 million to Brook Mueller to keep the house. But according to TMZ, Charlie Sheen would have real money problems. During his final season of Uncle Charlie, he borrowed $ 10 million to Warner Bros.. He was then still the highest paid actor on TV with 1.25 million per episode.

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