Friday, May 27, 2011

Charlie Sheen is selling his house in Beverly Hills

Charlie Sheen has opted to sell his house in Beverly Hills. $ 7.2 million is the asking price by a stunning mansion that will not leave anyone indifferent. 7294 square foot extension of the actor's house in which many parties have lived and the many scandals that have occurred. After a divorce from Brooke Mueller, and the payment of one million dollars to his wife to have the exclusive right to sell the house, Sheen has experienced a real rollercoaster but now seems to be out of the hole in which he was.

The description of the house says "This meditarráneo style mansion, located in Mulholland Estates, is one of the dreams of anyone who is a lover of entertainment. It has several very large rooms overlooking a large garden has outdoor kitchen, pool and spa. " "A private cinema and a perfect finish complete the set." The American press has already published jokes like TMZ, "They forgot to add that it is also ideal for porn stars and camels."

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