Friday, May 27, 2011

Isabel Pantoja go live in 2011 Survivors

The biggest surprise of the night in the show Survivor, starring in your entry by Isabel Pantoja on one of his damn channel Telecinco. However, could a mother's love for all his voice Kiko Rivera Pantoja encouraged to continue in the reality when he had thrown in the towel. Neither the organization nor his brother Fran Rivera, and the letter from his grandmother made him reconsider his decision.

Kiko Rivera Pantoja (Paquirrín) had to decide whether to stay or not because of your problem with gout. As I counted the son of the problems are not solved Pantoja and only have gotten a strong medication to stop them, yes with intake of food included. The boy explained that he knew that without pain medication and would be very strong again and would not embarrassed.

Assumed that it had looked very bad in Spain and that his health was the one who is a product of "have been too good." Kiko had thought that the island to have better food, the pain had disappeared, but nothing is further from the truth. After saying goodbye to his teammates, things changed when the phone went Isabel Pantoja and went to his son.

He said he knew what hurt him, but he conveyed the support and love of family and friends and asked to continue until at least Monday to see what it was. "You back ... or to gain momentum," he appealed. The competitor brings out his blood and Pantoja Rivera to stay in reality and returned with their peers.

On Monday we will know if Kiko endure or not.

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