Sunday, May 29, 2011

A mistress of Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized to Maria Shiver

In the late spring, each country's sex scandal. United States, Arnold Schwarzenegger because of his reputation, his family and his marriage shattered, following revelations about his infidelities and his sexual appetite. One that claims that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been at least a dozen mistress during his marriage, gave an interview in the U.S.

show Extra and did not refrain from being verbose. The former actress Gigi Goyette, apparently looking for a little notoriety, felt the need to tell on TV that Schwarzenegger had "a voracious sexual appetite." Bodybuilding legend and she had met two years before the actor's marriage to Maria Shriver.

Gigi Goyette was 16 years old and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 27. "It was almost the first time I had sex with someone. "Almost? Then, the two have resumed their journey ten years later, at a fitness convention. The Terminator actor was now "happily married" and the father of three children.

"Arnold is a man who loves the physical relationship" Gigi has revealed. And she concludes by apologizing to Maria Shriver, the wife humiliated and declares: "I'm really sorry that I made mistakes in the past and for being intimate with your husband. I hope you will forgive me. "No chance that Maria has enjoyed ...

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