Sunday, May 29, 2011

Miley Cyrus completes his tour of Latin America saying adios to Mexico!

The singer Miley Cyrus has left Mexico City to travel to Guadalajara, another Mexican city where it must occur in concert tonight, it will be his last concert in Latin America! Yep all good things come to an end! Check discreetly Guadalajara airport, the star has been taken over very quickly, probably to avoid repeating the scene of riots triggered in the terminal of the Mexico City airport, a few days ago! An attitude of caution which seems logical but which nevertheless saddened many fans of the star who made the trip in numbers to greet their idol at the airport ...

The beautiful, which is becoming more and more through his songs, her clothes and personal choices, went through many countries in Latin America as part of its phenomenal tour titled "Corazon gitano. She has enjoyed every stop on the mainland to do some sightseeing, we remember his days at the beach during his visit to Brazil, its gastronomic discoveries in Argentina or to visit the city "Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (middle of the city in the world located at latitude zero) in Ecuador, among other exotic destinations where she received a warm welcome.

The star has enjoyed every moment of this tour, even if it sometimes made on Twitter know that it was a little homesick and that his family and friends failed him ... Luckily, her mom Tish, has not one second left and he gave full moral support! Miley Cyrus has yet to occur in Asia and also Australia, to the delight of his fans residing in the beautiful land of kangaroos! Australia which has seen her boyfriend actor Liam Hemsworth ...

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