Friday, May 27, 2011

Chayo Mohedano expects a girl

After the problems you are going to go out Chayo Mohedano light the mug shot of her husband, the daughter of Rosa Benito Amador Mohedano and asked to respect it to be gestating a child. A few hours ago confirmed that the sex of that child, will be a girl. The way to confirm to all Spain was not the exclusive way in a magazine, but on the show Survivor 2011 where his mother, Rosa Benito and the audience found out at the same time that the second son of Chayo will be a girl.

Something so special collaborator illusion that it would save me the first son of Rosario with Antonio Roof was a girl, but ultimately did not. Save me already announced recently that Mohedano Chayo had a review this week and everything seems fine. While Rosa Benito was very happy after learning the sex of their next grandchild and was congratulated by her peers, she will not fared so well on set.

In resist, right? commented that had its ups and downs with a family of Aida Nizar and had almost come to blows. She came to the set of program on TV Factory and explained that this person had been identified as Nizar friend and had addressed it to rebuke, which had resulted in a very tense moment.

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