Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amy Winehouse plunges for the umpteenth time!

Amy Winehouse has unfortunately not done with drugs and alcohol ... The British singer has once again built a drug rehabilitation center last Wednesday (May 25). The young woman thought to be permanently cured, must occur at several festivals this summer in Europe and especially the complete recording of his third album, whose release date is constantly postponed.

It must be said that the girl collects pranks! Agent Amy Winehouse has confirmed the sad news: "She just started treatment at the Priory clinic. She wants to prepare for its planned concerts in Europe this summer and decided to seek help. It will remain in treatment as doctors deem necessary.

According to one source, the star was at its worst in recent times, she would down a bottle of vodka on the way to the clinic. "She seemed uncontrollable. She stumbled, had difficulty speaking. I was surprised to see her buying vodka as early in the day, and even more surprised to see her swallow on the spot, "says one close to the singer.

His father would have pushed to get treatment. "He said: I think you drink too much again. So she agreed to listen to to prevent the problem becomes more serious. "We hope that Amy Winehouse gets back up quickly. After a mini-tour in Brazil to get back in the saddle, the show was true to his musical comeback this year ...

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