Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eva Mendes does not like marriage because it is "not sexy"!

All women do not dream of marrying and having a marriage of the princess to Kate Middleton. Actress Eva Mendes is one of those who do not wish to become someone's wife. Recently invited on the show Chelsea Handler, Eva Mendes said: "I'm an anti-marriage or anti-institution, and I have nothing against people who marry.

I like the idea of a union. It's beautiful. But I think it's outdated and archaic. Originally, it was done for land. It's nothing romantic. "The Hitch actress thinks more than 50 or 60 years saying" this is my boyfriend. " Sometimes a word makes all the difference, she explains, "Boyfriend" is "sexy", however "husband and wife are not really sexy.

Since 2002, Eva Mendes out with Peruvian director George Augusto. Marriage is not in the cards. For the actress - who will soon embody the singer Maria Callas in the film - the spiritual union is more important than a piece of paper.

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