Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Median: The Critical

Martin lives folded on itself and on his computer. Webmaster professional, he works at home, removed the heart of his studio, surrounded by his books, facing the screen. Mariana trying to break his loneliness by focusing on finding an imaginary character, Charlie, the hero of a children's book, character prisoner in the middle of the crowd that he must find the cold or the presence of dummies that manipulates to his work, she dresses to decorate vitrimes.

His life was thus transformed into a lyrical metaphor for their hopes. They are neighbors, each seeking a soul mate, pass each acknowledge, lost the heart of a teeming city. Gustavo Taretto now signed his first film succulent, a quirky romantic comedy where the cliches of the genre are found broken by his wit sharp and cynical, close to that of a Woody Allen.

His biting dialogues bring real energy to the film, as his vision shifted focusing on juicy details to highlight the emotions of his characters. Thus, their anxieties and phobias are found associated with humor to the chaotic vision of the city of Buenos Aires, its architecture completely unstructured as may be living beings who live there, immersed in the oppressive atmosphere.

Beings who feel the blow of the critical need to clarify their existence, as attempts to do two characters in the film. This is also around a window pierced by a completely incongruous in the middle of a blank wall that was constructed this story, a window which stopped while walking Gustavo Taretto, imagining the life of this person caught up in the darkness of his apartment and looking desperately to bring a ray of light.

It is carried by the liveliness of his narrative, for his caustic humor to play down the melancholy that could come to invade it, by the fire by his two young actors with natural exciting. To discover.

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