Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eddie Murphy faces a new rumor about his death

Eddie Murphy has had to read on the Internet that he was dead. Fashion rumors about someone's death seems lately too widespread and the actor has not escaped that someone has written a bizarre story with the sole purpose of gaining traffic to your website. Associated Global News the company was pleased to say that "Murphy has died from a snowboarding accident on the morning of May 29, 2011." Social networks have done the rest and Gossip Cop not hesitate to say that the actor is in great condition.

The rumor goes on to comment that "Eddie Murphy was at a resort in Zermatt, Switzerland, snowboarding. Down at high speed when he lost control of his table and hit hard against a tree. " "A helicopter had to rescue the actor in the area where he was. It is thought that the actor died on the spot so that medical services could do nothing to save his life.

" The worst thing is not only a lie but the December 29, 2010 the same "company" ran the exact same rumor about Eddie Murphy. At the moment the actor has not taken legal action but this seems like a joke too heavy for anyone.

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