Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amaia Montero Gonzalo Miró break

The first has brought several breaks between celebrity couples: the son of Pilar Miro and singer Amaia Montero have ended their relationship, so have Genoveva Casanova, exnuera of the Duchess of Alba, and son of Nobel Prize, Gonzalo Vargas Llosa and Olivia de Borbon and bullfighter Sebastian Palomo Danko.

Gonzalo Miró, former boyfriend of Natalia Verbeke y Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, commented at the premiere of The Great Depression that history had ended with Amaia Montero. Their relationship became official in November 2009, after a year and a half, Miró explained: "We finished, but good." Again, Gonzalo, who just turned 30, returns to being single after a relationship with Amaia Montero, former lead singer of La Oreja de Van Gogh, 34, who looked serious and lasting.

We do not know if there will be no second party or as happened in their relationship with Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. Other couples who have completed have been Genoveva Casanova, proud as he was walking with her boyfriend in the delivery of the Nobel Prize for Literature to the father of her boyfriend, Mario Vargas Llosa, even removing center stage in Stockholm.

They had several breaks during this relationship that began in June 2010 and ended as Heart Today in January 2011 because of the distance Gonzalo has gone to Libya. Meanwhile, the son of Sebastian Palomo Linares and Marina Danko, Sebastian has broken her relationship with Olivia de Borbón, but walked in the International Film Festival of Cannes with another woman, a documentary filmmaker named Angela Ismail, who seems to want have him for one of their jobs and with that already he was seen in the Feria de Abril.

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