Monday, May 23, 2011

Anne Sinclair: who are his heirs?

With Queen Christine Ockrent, Anne Sinclair has certainly marked the 80s and brings out a whole generation of journalists. How can we forget the generic 7 / 7 and angora sweaters? TV star for a decade, Anne Sinclair has permanently marked the small screen footprint and his eyes blue. If the talented journalist has chosen to put her career on hold to follow her husband, Dominique Strauss-Kahn in NY, Anne Sinclair did not, however, continues to inspire young journalists, detailed review of a new generation journalists crammed with talent and strong character: - Maya Lauque journalist on TV I, the most beautiful eyes of the PAF.

Do not be fooled by her blonde hair and her angelic air, Maya Lauque is also conducting discussions of talent and a terrible interviewer, able to quell an Eric Zemmour a look ... - Audrey Pulvar, a journalist on France Inter and I TV. Passionate info, Audrey Pulvar formed by LCI went to school on France 3 before leading the band of the evening news on TV I, must become a political crossroads TV before I did ask him to step back further to announcement of candidacy in the primary PS his companion, Arnaud Montebourg.

- Emilie Besse, Canal + she officiates in the Special Edition. Her pretty face and freshness are of a rising young journalist of the PAF. Undoubtedly, a face forward! - Melissa Theuriau, journalist Prohibited Area M6. Foreshadowed a time to present the JT TF1, Melissa Theuriau has preferred to turn to the magazine, a bold choice that pays off in the light of the hearings of the magazine.

Mother and journalist recognized Melissa Theuriau has shown that a journalist could be competent and attractive ... - Laurence Haim, corresponding to U.S., I Canal + television. They shared the same position in the United States in 2008 during Obama's campaign for president ... Haim Laurence and Anne Sinclair share a good knowledge of politics and journalism in America.

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