Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger could lose up to $ 200 million in her divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger could lose up to $ 200 million in their divorce proceedings. The sex scandal that has punctuated his life, recognized a child after a decade, has been so intense that few would have thought that the actor will lose half of his estate to be married in community of property. So the 400 million dollars will be Maria Shriver actor which is 200 million.

Yes, even 25 years ago they married the couple signed a prenuptial agreement that apparently seen, it is not surprising that they broke for the partner of actor gets maximum benefits to raise their children. The most curious is that the actor told him, after leaving his post as governor, the Austrian newspaper that Krone has won a lot of money but should also be noted that as governor of California has lost 200 million dollars.

Know whether the actor was now seeking its own excuse for not paying such amount to his wife. Arnold In the same newspaper predicted that "It's not just money but other injuries that require a long commitment to be repaired more than just pay." Was already in mind what I say? What is clear is that Maria Shriver will not afford to lose even one dollar in the process of divorce that will surely give you enough play to the tabloids in the coming months.

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