Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beyoncé ose in "Run the World (Girls)," a clip that is a bombshell

After a silence deemed too long by the admirers of the singer Beyoncé, the beautiful, always so feline, is back with a new single called "Run the World (Girls), and this week is the video clip has finally been unveiled ... Well the least we can say is that the wait was not in vain, Beyoncé is back with an incredible energy, an artistic world to defend and present in his music video aesthetics of combat magnified by the dance! A carefully choreographed clip that proves (if need be ...) that Beyonce is a dancer emeritus, a nod to the King of the Pop, Michael Jackson, also seems obvious when you see the artist moving on jerky rhythms with a horde of dancers like an army that turns on a collective energy, a rage that clearly refer to as' They do not care about us.

" And let's not forget the fleeting moment when Beyoncé began her chest was like a performer of "Thriller" with his male attributes! The Survivor, the Amazon of modern times and indeed back, and invites women to take power over a mixture of pop, R & B, martial rhythms and African bias bold, which apparently he has shocked some "sensitive souls" who think this single too indecisive! Beyoncé calls women to the revolution and becomes a warrior chief, but the struggle is that of words and dance, art serves the fight against a macho world! The result is explosive, futuristic, Beyoncé reaches for the shot to distinguish himself from his female counterparts that despite much rhetoric does not revolutionize the music more than that now, we think of Lady GaGa who sometimes seems to offer the Madonna with 20 years late The boldness lies not only in the look and provocative sterile, right? On "Run the World (Girls)," Beyoncé said "when I heard this song, she sounds African accents and futuristic electronics.

What I wanted was to mix different cultures that normally do not go together to create new sounds. " This title is the first single from his album due out in four tanks at the end of June. The choice of number 4 is explained by the key dates for the singer, his date of birth, his mother's birthday, the birthday of many friends, but also the day she got married.

A nice lucky number can we say! For this album, the interpreter of "Crazy in Love" was inspired by the Jackson 5, Adele and Fela "I listened to loop the Jackson 5, but also more contemporary music like Adele, Florence + The Machine and Prince . I put my key hip-hop, "she said. The realization of the clip was entrusted to Francis Lawrence (he directed the video Bad Romance of Lady GaGa, like what!) And the result is truly breathtaking modernity, strength, sensuality and animal!

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