Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bob takes the Baroness Thyssen to court for a picture

Everything indicated that the war between the Baroness Thyssen and his son Bob had reached at least a truce or neutral, but it is not. Tita's son has decided to court her mother, who claim ownership of two paintings, one a Goya that the deceased gave Baron says. Baroness when asked about this new war is declared without losing the smile: "I'm very upset, how will I be.

I did not expect this at all. Everything is in the hands of the lawyers. " So will be back in court next June 1st. Borja unashamedly had already declared that he had no moral impediment not to sue his mother and apparently Tita, he is denying something that rightfully belongs. This is the picture, 'The Baptism of Christ' by Giaquinto, and 'A woman and two children by a fountain' by Goya both of them valued at about seven million euros and both are in the possession of the Baroness.

The son married to Blanca Cuesta, has long been claiming the pictures his mother with threats to take her to court, it has turned a deaf ear and did not want to go for good as well so he said, the situation is untenable. Anyway, Carmen Cervera despite being a new setback try to stay calm and do not stop to greet the journalists who try to snatch a few words, however Borja, is a bit nervous and trying to escape the waiting press forward to the day to go to court.

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