Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo flew with his son and his girlfriend Irina Shayk in Madeira!

Cristiano Ronaldo made his first public appearance with her little boy and his girlfriend, supermodel Irina Shayk Russian, then they went on holiday with your family! These are the first pictures that reveal the famous footballer in perfect dad with his little boy in her arms, the pictures were taken by the Portuguese magazine "Lux" while CR7 was at Funchal airport on his arrival in Madeira with his mother, Dolores dos Santos, his little one and his girlfriend.

These are not the first pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo Junior (but sharper yes!), The baby had already been photographed in the stands of the Bernabeu next to his grandmother came to see his son play or walking with his aunt . But never yet the father and the child had been photographed together! Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he was a child, a boy, there is less than a year, to the surprise of social networking via Facebook.

This baby is the fruit of his love for a night with a waitress ... The U.S. birth mother relinquished her parental rights entirely in favor of Cristiano Ronaldo return for financial compensation to the height of his renunciation! Cristiano Ronaldo, aged 26, released from its obligations sports took the opportunity to return with his family on his home island since ... very angry by the photographs published yesterday, the footballer, a millionaire, has threatened legal action and media publish pictures of her minor child. This decision reflects the fact that many publications and TV channels have broadcast pictures of the little without its image is blurred.

In any case we can see that the little 10-month, very nice brown with curls and golden brown skin, has the look of his father, Burberry cap placed on the side, denim jacket, shirt and small great! It promises that all his stepmother Irina as a model may give him some advice on how to unless his dad, always impeccably looké wants to write about!

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