Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An entrepreneur, intimate of the Prince of Asturias, named Marquis

We know that the King may grant titles of nobility to those who believe deserving of these titles that in turn have to be published in the Official Gazette. For this reason, some government presidents hold titles of nobility, as well as personalities such as Vicente del Bosque, national football coach Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel prize for literature, which have both won titles in recent months.

However, what was not in any way was that the King would have given a Marquis Manuel de Quevedo Pereira Coutinho, a businessman Luso, a close friend of the Prince of Asturias, whose wife gets along well with Letizia Ortiz. The Confidential reveals that the title was granted on 7 April and published in the Official Gazette.

The Portuguese is well-known businessman in the neighboring country and their residence, a castle in the Algarve area, make weekend getaways princes of Asturias especially in summer. The statement signed by King Juan Carlos I and visible in the BOE on the origin of the relationship is quite brief: "The close relationship and deep family loyalty Pereira Coutinho to the Spanish Crown, which won recognition at the time of my predecessor, King Carlos III, deserves to be recognized again.

" The grant has been studied since 2009 when Felipe de Borbon and Letizia Ortiz began to haunt the castle of San Joao de Arade, owned by businessman and his wife, Isabel Maria de Carvalho.

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