Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Estella Warren, attempted escape after being arrested for dangerous driving

Estella Warren wanted to live action film and how well he has succeeded. The young model was arrested yesterday for driving under the influence of alcohol and hitting 3 cars, but in an oversight, he chose to escape the agents did not take long either capture or add a new crime to his personal account.

Last Monday night Warren was driving through the city of Los Anges, on board his Toyota Prius, when it hit 3 cars that were parked. After seeing that the agents gave him the high he parked his car and did not put any impediment in accepting what they were going to say. Kick after an officer ran from the police car.

Having seen, the officers had no choice but to put the handcuffs and taken to police station. The model is removed the handcuffs and escaped from the car by the back door when they returned to capture and permanently. The crimes alleged against him are reckless driving under the influence of alcohol, attempted escape and assault on an officer.

It seems that this is going to be more complicated than it seems, according to TMZ.

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