Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jacinto, GH3, says his play at La Noria

GH3 will be remembered as editing Jacinto. The Navarre always had good to show off his good nature, a sympathy beyond doubt and a way of seeing things quite peculiar. The crisis has also affected him and now experiencing one of its worst moments. He decided to go to La Noria and comment on what is happening.

"My father died, my wife had several abortions before we could take our kids and these times are tough" he said. Recognizing that went on to win between 40 and 50 million pesetas said "We invested in the bar he had and what did not work." "I've been 3 or 4 years having a bad time. Last year seized me and my friends gave me about 20,000 euros to help it.

He continued to sell bread and doing a thousand things but do not leave the situation. I want to sell the bar. " "A bank manager who had got involved with me to extend the bar customers were coming and so forth. I have 400,000 euros. Last week I ate because my sister and my mother would help.

My family did not disappoint anyone. " "Now I've shown a lot who are not my friends. My adopted children are 12 and 14 years and is very hard. I asked a Barça shirt and went to the Chinese and could not buy it. I have not ever steal stolen. I do not know how to pay what I owe but I will.


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