Sunday, May 22, 2011

Justin Bieber does not forget the Japanese people! (Photos)

On tour in Japan, Justin Bieber took the time to meet young victims of the devastating earthquake and its consequences ... Unlike other celebrities, who canceled their shows for fear of radioactivity, the young singer has taken the lead the rising sun to ensure his tour! Justin not only gave his concerts as scheduled, but he also wanted to meet victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that followed.

After a passage on Wednesday morning (May 18) the issue Mezamashi TV on Japanese Fuji TV channel, the young man had a thought moved toward children who have experienced the disaster. On leaving the plateau, he twittered: "The show is over. I saw the images of the disaster and the affected children.

I am happy to be here. This is important. We need to be present for you. A few hours after his performance television, the Canadian star has met young Japanese in the residence of U.S. ambassador in Tokyo to show support for victims of the Japanese earthquake. "I just met wonderful children who have gone through a terrible ordeal during this tragedy.

I am delighted to have met them and proud to know them. When you meet kids like that ... with such strength and such courage, it makes you aware of the important things in life, "he wrote on his Twitter page. Justin Bieber is a mega star in Japan! In three days, the DVD and Blu-ray of his film "Never Say Never" have sold over 500,000 copies.

His concerts have also played sold out!

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