Monday, May 23, 2011

The kiss from Ryan Gosling on the red carpet in Cannes ...

Ryan Gosling, Half Nelson handsome and never forget is not unhappy with the role that was offered in Nicolas Winding Refn Drive. "I turn recently, most roles offered to me are not interesting," he told the world during Cannes Film Festival. Then be present in the greatest festival in the world and that his film is awarded the prize for the staging was a pleasure.

Hence the greedy kiss given to deal with Nicolas Winding Refn photographers immediately after the awards ceremony. Bronson and director of the Silent Warrior was surprised by the warm thanks! "My character is a type hypersensitive and hyperviolent, solar in his passion, black in an expression of absolute violence" also explained Ryan Gosling mute about his role in this film where he crosses paths Carey Mulligan (A Education) and chrisitne Hendricks (Mad Men).

At 30, the young man is happy to reach a maturity that often allows hunks to break their image of pretty hearts in attracting a new audience. The film has no release date yet the French are many reasons to watch ...

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