Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kristen Stewart is always so friendly!

Kristen Stewart is certainly one of the most talented actresses of her generation ... but the most unpleasant! Again, the star of the saga "Twilight" does not make the slightest smile on his arrival yesterday (Tuesday, 24 April) at London Heathrow airport. Unlike her sister, Ashley Greene, the girlfriend of Robert Pattinson is not very comfortable with the paparazzi with his fans ...

or elsewhere! Apparently, the girl, gaunt face and closed, was a bodyguard in his image since he has not hesitated to push vigorously the photographers who were blocking the passage. Kristen Stewart dreams of being confined to movie sets, without paparazzi and fans who continually assail! It seems still not accepted his hard life: rich, famous and adored.

Poor child, she was really complaining! Adding that the actress will soon be on show at the remake of "On the Road." His co-star, Garrett Hedlund, recently told the press that he had loved working with her, "Kristen is phenomenal. She is so focused, in particular for this role ... she is so amazing.

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