Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Letizia Ortiz and Charlene Wittstock, protagonists of the journal

The magazines do a review of the seven years that have just completed since married Letizia Ortiz Felipe de Borbon and Princess of Asturias became, while Charlet July Wittstock become a princess after she married Prince Albert of Monaco. Furthermore, the television presenter Mariló Montero took the cover of week, as well as Borja Thyssen problems with her mother picked up by reading and ten minutes.

While the latter takes her home to Letizia Ortiz, Patricia Reading Rato appears that seems to have intended to reconcile with Spartacus, though this announcement is in love with her. In reading also shows the glamorous Cannes film festival and Hello, the cover is for Charlene Wittstock that covers some of the places that will star her wedding and says you can not believe what is happening.

In addition, the publication speaks of bad economic times is going Lolita Flores. In the week, took the cover Mariló Montero because of rumors that the relationship with the Spanish TV director, Santiago Gonzalez, also show a couple of handsome actors and fashion are a couple in real life: Miguel Angel Silvestre y Blanca Suárez they were together in Cannes.

She is one of the components of the cast of the skin where I live, the latest film by Pedro Almodóvar.

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