Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lolita Flores explains their precarious economic situation

In an exclusive interview for the magazine 'Hello', Lolita Flores talks about his precarious financial situation that has led to bankruptcy, which with the support of her husband, her children Paul and his sister is getting me through. Barely a year has passed since her marriage to Pablo Durán, and although it seems that emotional stability has been achieved, is not doing very well in part because its economy and claims that even led to depression and a routine of not leaving home rather than work and go shopping.

Wanted to become an entrepreneur and designer homeware and shirts, and it spent all his savings buying stock and open a store, and there began his real headache until it was indebted: "I had the house repossessed and I had to pawn the four things that I have. Lolita says. The decline in job offers interpretive and the crisis facing the recording industry did not help to overcome the slump: "I get anxiety attacks, brownouts and I've been going to a psychologist," he says.

But the worst thing for her was to see how your image is deteriorating public opinion: "He saw the ground threw my 37 year career, let alone what they say about my private life," says the publication. Regarding the failure of his business venture, not just her fault his lack of experience or crisis, says many person delegated pufos and let you all want to make in Spain rather than in other countries, we assumed costs very high.

Now try to overcome all the past, do not plan on getting more business but it does have in mind: "I felt as if this country is not interested in nothing more than debts," lamented the daughter of Lola Flores.

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