Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maria Shriver leaked the news of her husband's illegitimate son to the press

In the soap opera starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have been several things that have been allowing us to have a new chapter nearly every day. What we did not know it was not the actor who had leaked the news to the press itself but Maria Shriver. Apparently he was so angry with the news that chose to tell it to the press.

According to TMZ published when Arnold told the news to Mary it was so hysterical that he thought of calling a press conference immediately to inform the press about what happened. Even though he mused, did not hesitate to give the order for his people and was trusted you found when the scandal became public.

It has also been known that Shriver knew this news from late April or May but that was already pretty sick of Arnold and was looking for an apartment in Los Angeles to separate the actor. The marriage crisis has been occurring since January so this scandal was the straw that broke the glass.

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