Friday, May 20, 2011

Pete Doherty in jail for 6 months

The death of Robyn Whitehead dates back over a year now. But today is the rocker Pete Doherty's pocès took place. On video, the former Kate Moss appears smoking a crack pipe in the company of the inheritor Robyn Whitehead, just days before it dies, apparently of an overdose. He has left the court only to go to jail.

Pete Doherty, he is already the third pass through the box prison after 25 convictions for drug possession, and 13 passages in court. A history that can explain the sentence is applied. Added to these recurrences that Pete Doherty had been acquitted on the death of another partygoer, Mark Blanco fell from a balcony in 2006.

A friend of Pete Doherty has meanwhile been sentenced to 12 months in prison, guilty of possession of drugs and especially in selling to the young Robyn Whitehead. The singer, we should soon see an actor in "Confessions of a Child of the Century" with Charlotte Gainsbourg, cowered in his seat when the sentence fell but did not show any sign of emotion according to the Daily Mail.

On leaving the court he simply waved his hand to his friends in the back of the room.

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