Friday, May 20, 2011

RTL2 sends its winners ... at the Sofitel New York!

Since Sunday, the Sofitel New York is best known as the Hotel Martinez in Cannes! Not sure if that reputation is an asset to the hotel chain. In any case, recent revelations and the sudden popularity of the place were obviously not expected to contest organizers radio RTL2! So this morning the situation was rather funny when the hosts Chris and Agathe Nicolas LeCaron revealed live to the lucky winner the prize he could win.

Pierre, Marseille military, accepts with pleasure the weekend for two in New York. In fact, the presenters seem to have discovered the travel details online, could not help adding: "Try not to stay too long there!". Agathe LeCaron of pursuivre: "A pilgrimage in fact, my dear Peter! This is a chance (...) You will sleep so at the Sofitel you too, maybe not in the same suite.

We wish Peter a good stay!

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