Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber available for a romantic holiday in Hawaii

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez enjoyed a break in their respective schedules to travel together on Maui, on the island of Hawaii (Monday, May 23)! Oh how beautiful love, not later than Sunday night, they were in Las Vegas to attend together and more accomplices than ever to the Billboard Music Awards ceremony in 2011.

The handsome and pretty Canadian brunette have even exchanged a tender kiss to the audience and the cameras (see photo cons)! Gone are the days when the two young stars were not fulfilling their romantic relationship and shout loud and they were like brother and sister ... So under the sun that Justin and Selena went to relax and have decided enjoy the pleasures of the beach, a good way to relax especially for the performer Justin Bieber who just completed his world tour! The two stars have opted for uniforms for the occasion, a simple bath Justin Bermuda, and mini shorts, a top swimsuit fuchsia headband and a beach bag panther "the witch of Waverly Place".

A great opportunity for the young man who just finished his tour, during his visit to Japan, to reveal his abs and Selena who shot his next video in Malibu "Love You Like a Love Song" at the end of last week ( not without causing controversy, see previous article!), to show her slender silhouette.

Justin Bieber is all the more enjoy his stay in Hawaii, he won five awards at the Billboard Music Awards including "Best New Artist" in the teeth of other artists of weight. It can thus enjoy its tranquil getaway. We wish our two lovebirds a pleasant stay on this island paradise, a haven for lovers!

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