Saturday, May 21, 2011

Selena Gomez Pink criticized for his latest music video

The singer Pink is not characterized precisely by having a peaceful and submissive personality. This time the target of his criticism has also been the singer Selena Gomez Fimar after his latest video has been assailed on several fronts. The reason is the appearance in the video of horses painted pink.

Pink posted on his Twitter the following message, "If there is an activist for animals close to Malibu, more specifically, in Leo Cabrillo State Beach, just want to tell you are wearing pink painted horses to record a music video." When he heard that Selena Gomez was the star of the video posted, "My God," that is the protagonist of the video?, Disney fans, let's unite against it.

" Management responses Gomez, explaining that the horses did not suffer and that the paint can be easily removed, failed to silence Pink. "I do not care who you are fan or do you enjoy doing. While you can continue speaking out against any kind of animal cruelty. I also had to face many responsibilities in the past and just hope that Selena do the same thing I did.

" The management of Gomez explains, "We must make it clear enough that neither the video production company, or the label or Miss Gomez going to allow the horses had some damage. The painting was not toxic and is made from vegetables. It use an airbrush to paint the horses and were then washed with water.

There was a supervisor of a humane society to check that everything was done correctly. " Controversy "free marketing, Pink or Selena is right? We hope your comments.

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