Monday, May 23, 2011

The trouble with the law of the husband of Moher Chayo

From Rosa Benito went to Survivors 2011, do not stop your family problems arise: the confusion and exchange of accusations between the family Ortega Cano, José Ortega Cano and Amador Mohedano. Clashes in which preys DEC and save me and have to talk about for weeks, but it stays in "stand by" was made public when the police file Mohedano Chayo's husband, Andrés Fernández.

The daughter of Benito and Rosa Amador Mohedano he married after the preparation of a wedding blitz following the announcement of her second pregnancy. A pregnancy that is leading to problems due to all these comments. Tomorrow will reveal all the details of the police report her husband's enemies close where he works his former partner, Antonio Roof.

But before I wanted to make clear that she already knew everything and has called for respect for the state in which it is located. Kiko Matamoros now Save me count the reasons that led to Andrew was arrested and they do have a case pending in the courts. The issue dates back to 2007 when Fernandez allegedly sold high-end car at a Russian mafia here all legal.

However, according to the employee and the summary of the case, days after the car and outside Spain, had reported stolen, so he would have received around 60 000 euros of insurance. Together with the eight or nine euros it paid the said mafia. The prosecutor asks for six years for fraud and though, has no record if convicted over years, would enter a prison.

Matamoros claimed that Andrew has much more to tell Chayo, although she claims to know her past. While in Honduras, Rosa Benito is located outside this mess and as Matamoros and Belén Esteban know this information about his son.

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