Tuesday, May 24, 2011

William and Kate's an aphrodisiac as gifts honeymoon

It is a very delicate attention of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Seychelles. As memento of their honeymoon on the paradise islands of the Indian Ocean, Jean-Paul Adam gave to Prince William and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge a coconut called "Coco de Mer". The fruit, which can weigh up to thirty pounds and whose shape evokes the voluptuous buttocks of a woman is a symbol of fertility, considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

Too bad it a parting gift and not welcome! William and Kate are in effect to complete their trip on North Island, specific destination only now revealed that the newlyweds are back in Britain. Their villa, with stunning views over the ocean and a fantastic outdoor bath, was a second choice over another £ 2,000 dearer (6000 instead of 4000 pounds), whose major drawback was the lack of security.

William and Kate certainly keep a good memory of Seychelles, this gift is especially surprising sympathetic consideration while Kate's belly is already starting to be everyone's attention ...

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