Saturday, June 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan: Two destinies shattered by alcohol!

Despite their completely different paths, Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan were both promised a great career ... but their penchant for alcohol and other substances have totally destroyed them professionally and personally, as evidenced by recent events! The downward spiral began last Saturday for Amy Winehouse during her show in Belgrade.

The British singer was presented on stage an hour late drunk, under the jeers of 20,000 spectators. Many fans left the show after the first song. Unable to remember his lyrics Amy Whinehouse had to leave the stage several times, while the musicians were trying to calm down the crowd, not without difficulty.

To worse it all, she hosted her admirers shouting "Hello Athens." Following the disastrous performance in the capital of Serbia, the British singer was forced to cancel her summer tour of concerts, including two concerts scheduled in Istanbul on Monday and on Wednesday in Athens. The tour was to end in Bucharest on August 15.

In a statement, the manager of Amy Winehouse said: "Although she is keen to pursue her commitments, Amy agrees to follow the advices of her friends. She apologizes to fans, but she is not in top form and considers it as the best thing to do to return home. Amy Winehouse withdraws from all the concerts scheduled to date," he said, adding that the artist would take "as long as necessary" to recover.

Amy Winehouse has recently completed a detox for a week in London with the result that we know. The album "Back To Black", the singer released in 2006, earned her five Grammy Awards. Her next album is still pending and one wonders now if it will come out one day! Her 5-year alcohol problems, drugs and trouble with the law are the bread and butter of the press, and we do not see how the girl could rebound! Ditto for the actress Lindsay Lohan who, once again, could not resist the temptations of alcohol.

Yesterday she was summoned to the court because she had failed to respect her suspension and was found positive for alcohol, a few days ago. Fortunately for the young woman, Judge Stephanie Sautner said that Lindsay was free to drink alcohol. Indeed, Elden Fox, the judge in charge of the previous case, had stipulated that the ban of alcohol and illicit substances would be from 3 January to late February.

"You are not guilty of violation of your parole. You are guilty of having shown no judgments, " said the judge, referring to the organization by the starlet (currently under house arrest in lieu of a four-month stay in prison) of a very wet barbecue on the terrace of her house. "House arrest is supposed to resemble a prison," she said to the actress.

"I order you not to hold celebrations. You can accommodate a friend with you both and your family. And stop barbecues on your deck, so that your neighbors don't write to your probation officers, "she said. She will appear again on July 21 and should have no problem if she met the conditions of his probation.

Judge Sautner is the fifth to consider the case of Lindsay Lohan after her two arrests in 2007 for driving while intoxicated and drug possession. Last April, she was put under house arrest after being sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of service of general interest for failing to comply with the terms of a suspended sentence following a flight in a jewelry in the district of Venice, West Los Angeles.

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