Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lady GaGa, in torment, thinking of the future ...

Passing through a program called Japanese Sukkiri, Lady GaGa mentioned professional projects ... and already thinking about a new world tour. International singer hopes to make music for a long time, "My dream is to continue making music, touring and doing everything I can to meet my fans. "The indefatigable woman also expressed her wish to go back on tour, beginning early next year.

Apparently she can not wait to find these little monsters! "I will go on tour around the world and I have already started to plan. I'm really excited, I can not even sleep at night, "she said. His only fear is ending up far from her family if she should start a new and long world tour. She explains: "The only thing that makes me really fear is to miss important moments with my family because I travel too much, then I call my mother and father every day.

"It also has some personal dreams like raising a baby panda day! For now, Lady GaGa has other worries ... In fact, it is sued by Ari Kresch, a lawyer from Michigan. He thinks the show has been enriched by selling bracelets "We Pray For Japan" for the victims of the natural disaster that devastated the northeast coast of Japan in March.

The lawyer is seeking 3.5 million euros! The representative of Lady GaGa, however, denied the allegations through a statement: "This lawsuit is without merit and unworthy distraction from the generous action of fans around the world who have supported the Japanese people. The entire $ 5 donation is in conjunction with the order of each bracelet will go to support the cause.

No profits made with the shipping costs. Taxes were calculated in accordance with local laws. Lady GaGa has put its own profits at stake in this case and continues to support victims of this disaster. "

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