Monday, June 27, 2011

Paulina Rubio escapes jail for being a mother

Paulina Rubio has been spared jail for being a mother. New motherhood has given her much joy, but never could suppose it would be a mitigating factor after having had an accident and some resistance to authority. The accident, as long as the version published by TMZ, and the agent was told to Pauline should leave your car.

The agent, according to the laws of Florida, said he was arrested. At that time the artist out of the car, handcuffed him and started screaming "Help, I have not done anything, bunch of liars. Look what they're asking me. It is an abuse ".

When he entered the car agents kept yelling Paulina these phrases and also insulting to the agents. After an hour of hysterics relaxed and began to apologize to the agents who had already completed the corresponding complaint. The law required agents to send her to jail waiting to go before the judge to decide the amount of the fine.

Rubio claimed "a family situation in which it was necessary." He meant that you are breast-feeding her six months.

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