Friday, June 24, 2011

Jennifer Lopez, her son is still not clean and that is expensive!

The little boy of 3 years of  at the time most fashionable Latin couple's, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, had an accident while playing in the pool of their sublime house! The little one has forgotten to leave the water to make a large commission in a place named for that purpose, an 'incident' that has clogged the filter in the family pool.  How the lives of celebrities are not made all of glamor and glitter! A scatological anecdote which required the famous couple to spend 6000 dollars to clean the pool by a professional ...

It is the Latin lover Marc Anthony who revealed this information to the TV show "Tonight Show with Jay Leno " He had a little incident in the pool. It went into the filtration system and we had to change everything. He did a poo of 6000 dollars in the pool! ".

The most popular Salsero of the moment that six years ago married the bomba latina, has insisted that he and his wife did their best to teach cleanliness to their twins Max and Emme, but  there are still failures " We trained to go to pot all day. Whenever they went, they were entitled to a lollipop.

After three days, we realized that there was no lollipops! And then I said, 'You probably should go and check if they use the pot'. " A small hiccup expensive, but it is not too much trouble for our lovely couple who has the means to repair the mistakes of their charming little toddlers! It's funny, however,  to imagine  JLo running after her two children with the pot to encourage them to do their little needs! Everything is possible in the wonderful world of people!

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